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Stuart Farmers Market will open on May 1 as Pre-Order, Pickup Only

April 21, 2020

pre order/pick up only

How the market will operate.

We will publish the list of vendors, contact info and what they have available there by10 on Tuesday of the Market week on the Market Facebook Page. The list will also be available in the Enterprise that week for those that do not do online.

Customers will call each vendor and place their order. Some may even purchase through vendor websites. They will know the exact amount of money to bring for each vendor or check(if the vendor will accept) or credit card at pick up.

Friday morning: Vendors will be on side during normal market hours 8-12 for pickup. Customers pull into the parking spot and Veggie Hop will come and take your order of who you purchased from and the vendors will bring your items to you and collect their payment. EXACT monies need to be brought.

Customers collect their items and drive off. Great thing about this is that it is pre-order so you don't have to rush and get there at 8am. This also spreads out so we don’t have a log jam of people getting in.

Why are we doing the market this way?

1) Keeping Customers in their vehicles helps us keep numbers to a minimum and discourage congregation of individuals

2) the vendors will know what to bring during this time

3) by having customers bring EXACT amounts this keeps change from moving through the market and vendors and possible contamination