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Patrick County Citizens~ Help Save our Hospital. See what you can do

November 27, 2017

Please read to see what you can do to help save the hospital license to make it easier for someone to reopen the facility.

We had a very productive Board of Supervisors meeting last night.  We are forging ahead with the anticipation that we will have a new operator for the hospital at the conclusion of the foreclosure proceeding. That being said, we are concerned that the license for the hospital will expire at the end of the year before a new owner will be in place.  We are hoping for your help in lobbying our State Representatives for a legislative extension and/or renewal of the license.

Below is a letter to copy and paste into word or retype regarding the legislative extension of the state license of the hospital.  We strongly urge all citizens of Patrick County to either use this letter as is, or to add a personal statement and send it to our State Representatives: Senator Stanley and Delegate Poindexter. Please feel free to share this email.

Senator Stanley’s and Delegate Poindexter’s information is listed below, including email address, mailing address, phone number and website address (for those that might want twitter).

Thank you so much for your continued support and prayers!
District Office

PO Box 117, Glade Hill VA 24092
Phone: 540-576-2600
13508 Booker T Washington Highway

Moneta, VA 24121
Phone: (540) 721-6028




I am contacting you regarding the Acute Care Hospital license for Pioneer Community Hospital of Patrick issued by the Virginia Department of Health which is set to expire December 31, 2017. As you know, Pioneer Community Hospital of Patrick initiated shut down procedures on September 15, 2017. While there have been many setbacks in recent weeks, including the loss of Critical Access designation by CMS and the commencement of foreclosure proceeding by Virginia Community Capital, County officials continue to pursue potential prospects that are interested in purchasing the hospital. While a foreclosure by VCC may seem detrimental, the County considers it an opportunity for a purchaser to come in and offer a clean start for the hospital.


Not only has this closure placed the citizens of Patrick County in peril, it has created a significant burden to the Volunteer Rescue Squads, as there is no paid Emergency Services in the County. The response time required by the Volunteers has doubled, if not tripled, resulting in increased wait times for treatment/transport. Also, volunteers are unable to respond due to time constraints.




(insert personal note, if desired, if not please eliminate this line)




I am respectively requesting a 6 month legislative extension of the Acute Care Hospital License for Pioneer Community Hospital of Patrick.  This extension will support, and reinforce, the continuing efforts by County officials to facilitate and assist the re-opening of the hospital in the best possible position.


Thank you!!



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