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Clover Cat Rescue

PO BOX 829
Stuart, VA  24171
Phone: 276-694-3598
Contact: Tanja Schoor

Clover Cat Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit cat rescue organization based in Patrick County, VA. 

Clover Cat Rescue saves cats from euthanasia at the local pound or takes them out of equally life-threatening circumstances. Cats are housed in our shelter until a forever-home is found.

While saving cats from euthanasia or other terrible fates is our mission, as is
finding loving, permanent homes for foster cats in our care, our main goal is spay/neuter education.
We cannot stress this enough: please spay/neuter your pets, and do not buy
from breeders! Cat overpopulation is out of control, and we, not the cats, have the responsibility to control and contain it.
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