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The West Piedmont Planning District Commission Released Comprehensive Housing Study

April 11, 2024

The West Piedmont Planning District Commission (WPPDC) is pleased to announce the release of a comprehensive housing study conducted in collaboration with the Virginia Center for Housing Research at Virginia Tech (VCHR) and HousingForward Virginia (HFV). This study aims to address housing challenges and develop sustainable housing solutions for the region.

“We are excited to present the findings of this comprehensive housing study, which will serve as a valuable resource for addressing the housing needs of the West Piedmont Planning District,” stated Sean Campbell, Housing Director for the WPPDC.  “The collaborative efforts with the West Piedmont Planning District Commission, Virginia Tech, and HousingForward Virginia have allowed us to develop tailored strategies that will positively impact our region’s housing landscape.”

The study, which was initiated in response to concerns identified by member localities, focuses on several key goals:

  1. Developing strategies to improve the current housing stock and create new housing opportunities.
  2. Providing information to assist economic developers, local governments, and housing developers in developing sustainable housing options to meet the needs of the growing region.
  3. Offering strategies to facilitate regional collaboration and coordination to effectively address housing challenges.

The scope of work for the study included a comprehensive needs assessment, market analysis, and community outreach. This involved identifying specific issues affecting local communities such as workforce housing, housing equity, aging and substandard housing stock, and opportunities for rehabilitation, among others.

Additionally, the study team conducted listening sessions and engaged with local stakeholders to understand housing market conditions and challenges. This input helped shape the study to respond to local concerns and conditions.

The study also includes population statistics, highlighting that the West Piedmont PDC Region comprises 99,190 households and a total population of 240,482. The region faces common housing challenges that lend themselves to regional initiatives and approaches to housing solutions.

Key findings of the study indicate that households in the region are facing challenges related to affordable starter homes, aging in place, and financial obstacles. Furthermore, workforce housing for low-wage workers and single-earner households was identified as a significant concern.

The study’s final phase involved the development of tailored housing policies and strategies for each jurisdiction within the region. These solutions are detailed in the full technical report, which includes responsible actors, implementation steps, funding requirements, and best practices.

The release of this housing study represents a significant milestone in the WPPDC’s efforts to address housing challenges and promote sustainable development in the region. The comprehensive findings and tailored strategies will provide valuable guidance for local governments, developers, and stakeholders as they work towards meeting the housing needs of the West Piedmont Planning District.

For more information and to access the full housing study report, click here.

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