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Racing Under Caution Award Winners

February 24, 2021

Winners take Checkered flag in the Annual Chamber of Commerce's Awards.

In a year that was anything but smooth racing, the Patrick County Chamber of Commerce adjusted our annual awards to reflect more of what our businesses and organizations did for our community during 2020, and to adhere to our theme of “Racing into 2021.”  The laps were counted, and we have the winners for the Annual Patrick County Chamber of Commerce Awards.  Running in a virtual tie for more of the race in the Simulator Award category, the Patrick County Music Association and The Coffee Break Cafe were able to pull away at the last minute to claim the checkered flag.  Since the monthly jams have been postponed, they were offering free little concerts on their Facebook page to help fill your bluegrass fix.


With drive through, curbside, and take out becoming popular in Patrick County, the Bypass Pit Road Award was created to honor that organization or business that did it best.  Voters chose Moorefield Store Volunteer Fire Department for their easy in and easy out pick up for Brunswick Stew.


Some winners lead races start to finish; the Patrick County Public Schools never let off the gas.  They quickly assessed all the rapid changes back in March 2020 and found a way to continue delivering education to our county.  Congratulations on winning the Tower Award for best way to facilitate information in virtual or remote format.


Other races started neck and neck and at the last minute one was able to pull away and claim the victory.  This was the case with the Wave Around Award.  All three nominees stayed close together until the last two days of voting.  One was able to pull away and not look back.  The event that we missed the most in 2020 and won the Wave Around Award was the Patrick County Agricultural Fair presented by the Rotary Club of Stuart.


The Pit Crew Award was created to honor those businesses or organizations that really helped keep everyone in the race.  From restaurants and resorts who started packing meals for the school kids, or the churches offering free meals, or just stepping up to help assist our community.  Patrick County residents helped.  The Pit Crew Award was won by Wood Brothers Racing for raising funds to purchase iPads for the Blue Ridge Nursing Center and The Landmark Center so that their residents could communicate with their loved ones during the pandemic.


The great outdoors was a definite winner in 2020.  We are lucky to live in Patrick County surrounded by plenty of opportunities from national parks, publicly owned lakes, a state park, and wonderful county parks.  This race for the Rain Delay Award, where one went to find some solace and a little bit of peace and quiet, was a real nail bitter.  The lead changed multiple times, and it was never a large lead.  But, in the end, the Mayo River Rail Trail crossed the finish line first.


The Patrick County Chamber of Commerce would like to congratulate all our winners and nominees.  2020 was a hard year for everyone, businesses, events, and the huggers, but we got through it, and we will come through 2021 stronger and better for it.  The Chamber would also like to thank everyone who nominated and voted on our awards.