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Meadows of Dan 3rd Annual Town Wide Easter Egg Hunt

Primitive Coffee - 2577 Jeb Stuart Hwy  - Meadows of Dan, VA 24120 

Join us this March for the 3rd Annual Meadows of Dan Easter Egg Hunt. This hunt is unlike others as it's for children AND ADULTS! Every business in town will hide hundreds if not thousands of eggs around town! They'll be only located OUTSIDE. Bring your own bag! At 12pm meet in the Primitive Coffee Parking lot! This year children under 7 years old will have a 15 minute head start on gathering eggs. ADULTS WE'RE WATCHING YOU... DON'T STEAL JOY FROM THE LITTLE KIDS!! Be nice & let them grab the easy ones. ? Adults- your turn will begin at the 15 minute mark...after we say GO! Golden eggs will be hidden all around town a bit harder containing gifts you can redeem at many local businesses in town! They must be redeemed the SAME DAY!!!! NO EXCEPTIONS- We're all open after the hunt!