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2nd Annual Meadows of Dan Easter Party

Apr 8, 2023

- Meadows of Dan, VA 

Saturday, 4/8/23, 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. -- You’re all invited to our 2nd ever Easter party!!! Event by Primitive Coffee, Antique Market & Bakery. We'll still be offering light brunch options in the cafe + our regular menu, and Pickle and Ash will be creating a special menu we'll release soon for this event! 12pm begins the Extreme Easter Egg hunt in the town of Meadows of Dan. *Adults and Children* - A funny, but serious ***PLEASE NOTE***: There will be a set color egg that are for ADULTS only this year with adult prizes in them to many local businesses. *PLEASE do not fill your pillowcases and bags with children's eggs as we are upping their egg count this year to help ensure they get plenty!! WE WILL DISCLOSE THE ADULT COLOR AT THE START OF THE HUNT! Every company will be participating and hiding eggs all around the outside of the buildings!! Over 2,000 are being hidden this year! wowow so FUN!!! Pickle n Ash will have their food truck set up in our parking lot for lunch & Villa Appalachia will be serving wine that can be consumed on site!